Aubrey Bryce

Coach of Coaches

The Enduro Team is lead by Aubrey M. Bryce. As a coach, he is NCCP certified. As an athlete and 2-time Olympian, he has represented his native country of Guyana internationally on several occasions in the sport of bicycle racing from 1967 through 1976. He is still actively successful as a Master's racing cyclist in Canada and the USA.

Over the last 16 years, he has been providing consultations and improved coaching methods for athletic and general fitness activities including track and field, football, cycling and multi-sport athletics.

Most recently, Aubrey has been primarily involved in the training of endurance sports of cycling, triathlons and duathlons. Enduro Training Systems Inc. was born out of the emerging need for these particular services and Aubrey's ability and desire to meet those very needs.

He is currently the coach of the highly visible Toronto-based D'Ornellas Racing Team and consults with many cycling and multisport organizations including The Canadian Cross Training Club, The Toronto Bicycle Network and Personal Best.

Aubrey's coaching philosophy includes the application of "Conconi's" Methodology which guide serious and recreational athletes alike to progressively improve those physical attributes that will ultimately bring improved performance. His methods remove guesswork, making training recommendations more objective, results more predictable, and the benefits achieved, more steady, lasting and progressive.

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