Aubrey Gordon continues to do well -Victor Rutherford

By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
August 27, 2002

United States-based racing cyclist Aubrey Gordon is regarded as one of Guyana's most talented and disciplined athletes ever.

Speaking to Stabroek Sport over the weekend, former national pursuit champion Victor Rutherford said Gordon was and still is a disciplined cyclist who, at his age, continues to amaze people with his stamina and ability.

Rutherford became Gordon's coach in 1978 here in Guyana, and still coaches him in the US, where he won the US veterans title in 1997 and again in 2000.

According to Rutherford, he and Gordon train most weekends since they live far apart, but the two are in constant telephone contact.

Gordon became involved in cycling in 1974 and represented Guyana at the 1975 Central American and Caribbean Games in Mexico, the 1978 Commonwealth Games, the 1979 Pan American Games, the Spartiad Games in Russia, the 1984 and 1992 Olympics, and is still competing as a veteran in the US.

The former Kaieteur Cycle Club member has become a household name in cycling circles in the US, Rutherford said. "You know when you go to the starting line, the officials call out the names of the popular riders and they are positioned at the front, and Gordon is one of those persons that is placed at the front of the starting line", Rutherford pointed out.

Gordon is also known in local cycling circles as a caring and helpful person who is always willing to help other cyclists, be it materially or otherwise.

"I remember a number of times he would send things for the boys here, even though I would advise him against it. He would say, man, you know them boys, you got to give them encouragement", Rutherford said adding "he is always there for them, he assists them in any way. Look just a few days ago when I was coming home (to Guyana) I told him I was coming home and he said, ah hear Kennedy want a wheel to go to Cayenne (French Guiana for the annual Tour de Cayenne) and he sent it for him, that's the kind of person he is".

According to Rutherford, Gordon always has Guyana at heart. "He would always ask me about the latest news from Guyana, especially cycling news", Rutherford said.

Asked about Gordon's greatest moment in the sport, Rutherford said as far as he (Rutherford) is concerned it was at a meet in Trinidad where Gordon came up against world rated Steve Brower who subsequently rode for Canada at the Tour de France.

The event was a 10,000-metre race and Gordon and Brower got away from the pack and Gordon was able to beat him in the sprint home.

"The Canadian coach came to me and said he is trying to find out what Gordon does (what kind of training). They were mesmerised", Rutherford remembered.

"Aubrey might have represented Guyana at the Tour de France if when he came to the States I had money", Rutherford declared adding "he had that ability, but you see, he had to go and work to maintain his family. He eventually started riding to work and during his half-hour lunch break, he would go to the Park and train, then after work he would ride home. That was how he had to train. He had no sponsor. He definitely would have been Guyana's first Tour de France rider if I had the money".

Rutherford said Gordon had and still has tremendous ability to read the game and know when to make his move.